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May 01 2017

Gretchen: On the International Space Station, you have astronauts from the US and from other English speaking countries and you have cosmonauts from Russia. And obviously it’s very important to get your communication right if you’re on a tiny metal box circling the Earth or going somewhere. You don’t want to have a miscommunication there because you could end up floating in space in the wrong way. And so one of the things that they do on the ISS – so first of all every astronaut and cosmonaut needs to be bilingual in English and Russian because those are the languages of space.

Lauren: Yep. Wait, the language of space are English and Russian? I’m sorry, I just said ‘yep’ and I didn’t really think about it, so that’s a fact is it?

Gretchen: I mean, pretty much, yeah, if you go on astronaut training recruitment forums, which I have gone on to research this episode…

Lauren: You’re got to have a backup job, Gretchen.

Gretchen: I don’t think I’m going to become an astronaut, but I would like to do astronaut linguistics. And one of the things these forums say, is, you need to know stuff about math and engineering and, like, how to fly planes and so on. But they also say, you either have to arrive knowing English and Russian or they put you through an intensive language training course.

But then when they’re up in space, one of the things that they do is have the English native speakers speak Russian and the Russian speakers speak English. Because the idea is, if you speak your native language, maybe you’re speaking too fast or maybe you’re not sure if the other person’s really understanding you. Whereas if you both speak the language you’re not as fluent in, then you arrive at a level where where people can be sure that the other person’s understanding. And by now, there’s kind of this hybrid English-Russian language that’s developed. Not a full-fledged language but kind of a-

Lauren: Space Creole!

Gretchen: Yeah, a Space Pidgin that the astronauts use to speak with each other! I don’t know if anyone’s written a grammar of it, but I really want to see a grammar of Space Pidgin.

— Excerpt from Episode 1 of Lingthusiasm: Speaking a single language won’t bring about world peace. Listen to the full episode, read the transcript, or check out the show notes. (via lingthusiasm) via Prosocial antisociety
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Honestly the Sam Vimes boots theory of socioeconomic unfairness is one of the simplest and best things you'll ever read on economics (via)
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April 30 2017


by kathuw66

© Uwe Fengler


Er steht an der Treppe,
will die erste Stufe nicht nehmen,
will nicht hinunter gehen.
Will nicht.
Ist nicht bereit.
Mag diesen Traum nicht.
Traum der Leben heißt …

Der Geruch im Treppenhaus ist ihm plötzlich fremd. Und so wagt er einen Schritt, der ihn vorwärts führen soll.

Er möchte raus aus diesem Traum, den die Menschen um ihn herum Leben nennen.
Mag nicht weiter gehen.

Bleibt mitten auf der Treppe stehen.
Kann nicht zurück
kann nicht vorwärts.
Irgendwie ausgeträumt.

Und trotzdem weiter leben!

© Uwe Fengler

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Zersplitterte Gedanken

by kathuw66

© Uwe Fengler

Zersplitterte Gedanken

Treibe im Nirgendwo
Gedanken zersplittern
wie Fensterglas

Der Rasen ist nass vom Regen
als ich am Morgen aufstehe

Konnte nicht träumen in der Nacht, wollte nicht begreifen wo hin ich treiben werde.

Reiche ich dem Zufall die Hand,
oder gibt es da ein Schicksal, dass mich hält …

Fragen in der Nacht
und die rauhe See lädt mich zum Verweilen ein …

Keine Antworten
Nur starker Wind und Wellen …
Gleich kommt die Flut …

© Uwe Fengler

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Norwegian forest cat chasing a fox

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